Proven Strategies For Excelling As A Remote Employee, Manager and Leader

Remote work is here to stay, and the companies that do it well will have a clear competitive advantage in the future. Robert Glazer, CEO and WSJ bestselling author of Elevate and How To Thrive In The Virtual Workplace, leads a 100 percent remote organization with over 200 employees, and he shares the tools and tactics needed to excel as an employee, manager or executive of a remote organization.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Thriving In The New World of Remote Work

    • Introduction - A Global Remote Work Experiment

  • 2

    Thriving As A Remote Employee

    • The Right Stuff For Remote Work

    • Your Remote Work Office Hours

    • Being Productive and Balanced

  • 3

    Leading A World Class Remote Team

    • Everything Starts With Culture

    • Hiring Remote Employees

    • Your Remote Meeting Strategy

    • Managing and Leading

    • Remote Technology - An Introduction

    • Tech Tools For Remote Success

    • Can People Work From Anywhere?

  • 4


    • Conclusion - The Future of Work